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iXBRL Tagging & Conversion

HMRC now require all company accounts and tax computations to be filed online in a particular format called XBRL. Other formats such as pdf or excel are not acceptable.

For technical information about XBRL – click here.


We are recognised by HMRC as an official supplier of iXBRL tagging and conversion services.

Our iXBRL tagging services

We offer an iXBRL tagging service to apply XBRL tags to accounts and tax computations prepared in Microsoft Excel as follows:

  • Excel files are emailed/uploaded to us with accounts in UK GAAP or tax computations in a layout acceptable to HMRC. We will then assess the files for suitability for iXBRL tagging.
  • We will calculate the cost and inform you of this. You then place an order for iXBRL tagging services with us and we will invoice you for our fees. We will perform the work within 14 days and advise you when it is completed. A faster turnaround service is available at increased cost; please inquire if this is something that you are interested in.
  • At this point we require full payment of our invoice and we will then email the iXBRL tagged files to you for you to submit to HMRC.

We tag the files as necessary to comply with iXBRL HMRC’s requirements. Specifically, we use the following dictionaries (known as taxonomies) to identify the correct XBRL tags to apply to each relevant item in the accounts or tax computation:

  • UK GAAP – this covers the typical content of reports and accounts filed under UK GAAP.
  • UK IFRS – this covers the typical content of reports filed under IFRS in the UK. It includes a special version suited to banks and also has special industry sectors such as oil, mining, gas and investment funds.
  • CT Computational Taxonomy – this contains tags for key items in tax computations.


Our standard iXBRL tagging service for Excel documents is priced as follows:

Accounts £25 per page with a minimum charge of £200 per set

Tax computations £25 per page with a minimum charge of £50 per comp

The above prices are for iXBRL HMRC minimum tagging requirements.

For full comprehensive iXBRL tagging please add 60% to the above prices, e.g. £25 per page for minimum iXBRL tagging becomes £40 per page for full iXBRL tagging.

We may also be able to provide consultancy services to you to help you develop your own in-house iXBRL solution or to assist you with your iXBRL filings. Please inquire by emailing

We reserve the right to charge additional fees for particularly complex cases but we will always communicate this in advance of doing the work and obtain your agreement before starting.

Prices exclude VAT.

An alternative solution worth consideration is to become a full client of Anavrin as a Chartered Accountancy practice and we will include all iXBRL tagging services effectively FREE OF CHARGE as we do not charge our clients extra for this service. You may find that we are able to beat the fees that you are currently paying anyway, even without the iXBRL element!

Please call 01628 671867 or preferably email

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